Getting started with Seenons for PD and glass (Afval Goed Geregeld)

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Will your company or organization start the 'Afval Goed Geregeld' program via Nedvang or the Afvalfonds in 2023? ๐Ÿงƒ


From 2023 you can have your separated PD (plastic and drink cartons) and glass collected free of charge. To do this as efficiently and sustainably as possible, Afval Goed Geregeld works together with us, Seenons.


To arrange your collection of PD and / or glass you have to take a number of steps, such as creating an account for Seenons ๐Ÿ‘‡


In this short manual we explain how to register PD and/or glass waste in the Seenons-app:

  • Who is Seenons?
  • What changes for you?
  • Create your Seenons account
  • Set up your account properly

Who is Seenons?

Seenons connects the waste of companies with collectors who take it separately, via a sustainable route to a waste processor. The processor then turns it into new materials and products. In this way we stimulate a sustainable economy together.


We are therefore not a waste collector or processor, but a technology company that arranges your waste management on behalf of Afval Goed Geregeld - and only for PD and glass waste.


What changes for you?

If you are registered for the Afval Goed Geregeld program of 2023, you can have your PD (plastic and drink cartons) and/or glass collected free of charge via this program.


This is done via our handy web app. You plan which and when a waste stream is collected.


You can create an account for Seenons yourself via


๐Ÿ’ก You don't have to download anything first, Seenons works in your internet browser (except in Internet Explorer)

Create your Seenons account

1. Register with Seenons on time

Make sure you create an account in Seenons for the collection of your organization's PD and glass waste.

Do that as soon as possible! If you register now, we can collect your PD and/or glass from February 2023.

In the steps below and in this video we explain how to create an account:

Step 1. Create your Seenons account at

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully during registration ๐Ÿ”


Step 2. You will receive an email to activate your account ๐Ÿ“จ Click on the link in that email.


Step 3. Log in and enter your contact details


Succeeded, are you logged in? ๐Ÿšช Then the next step is to properly set up the data in your account.


Correctly set the data in your account

Before your PD and/or glass waste can be collected via the Seenons app, you must first set up a number of things correctly.


These are:

  1. Adding locations and/or users to manage your waste
  2. Add waste streams in the 'My waste' tab

2. Add branches and/or users as needed

Step 4. Does your organization have several branches or locations where waste must be collected? Then first add your branches under the button 'My organization' in the โ€˜Accountโ€™ tab.


If you only have 1 location, continue with step 5 ๐Ÿ‘‡


Step 5. Do you have colleagues who also help with your PD and/or glass waste management?


Then add those colleagues as users to your Seenons account - and to the right branch. Your colleagues will receive an email to activate their account.



3. Add your PD and/or glass as a waste stream

Now you are ready to register your waste streams ๐Ÿš› We explain how to register a waste stream in the Seenons-app in the video aboveโ˜๏ธ


You can only have these 2 waste streams collected within Afval Goed Geregeld:

  1. PD (plastic and drink cartons)
  2. Glass


Step 6. Go to 'My waste' in the menu and click on the 'Set up waste pickups' button at the bottom.

Now add PD first, or just glass - including any container(s) - and follow the steps.


Step 7. Is your order correct, have you not ordered too many containers? Click on 'Complete' and you're done!

  • Attention! If you choose to order additional containers, you cannot cancel them once you have completed the order. So if you click on 'Finish', your container(s) will be ordered from that moment on.



๐Ÿ“… Attention!

The days & time slots you see now when planning your pick-up time are provisional - they can change later. This has to do with the availability of our logistics partners.


You will receive a message from us about your final pick-up times at the latest at the beginning of February.

Because this is a large, national promotion, we have to order several hundred containers from our supplier. They need time to produce the containers and coordinate placement in early February.