Where should I place my waste?

Providing a wheeled container on the street can vary depending on the specific rules and guidelines of your local municipality or service partner. In general, the following points are relevant for offering your container:

  • Check the date of the order: Consult the order overview in the Seenons app to know on which days the waste is collected.
  • Placement of the wheeled container: Place the container at the designated pick-up point, as indicated in your municipality's guidelines. Usually the container is placed on the edge of the sidewalk or the edge of the road, close to the street, but without interfering with traffic or pedestrians. In any case, make sure that the driver can easily find the container and that it is located no more than 30 meters from the vehicle's parking area.
  • Direction of the wheeled container: Place the container with the wheels facing the sidewalk or road. This makes it easier to collect and replace the container by the garbage truck.
  • Remove obstacles: Make sure that no obstacles, such as parked vehicles, trees or other objects, hinder access to the container. This facilitates collection and prevents delays.
  • Lid and contents: Close the lid of the container tightly to prevent garbage from being spread by wind or animals. Make sure that only the permitted type of waste is in the container, according to our waste guides.
  • Placement time: Place the container outside on the evening before the scheduled collection day or on the morning of the collection day itself. In the app under 'view details' you can find the times within which the service provider operates.

💡Help the drivers a little by describing where they can find the waste. Provide instructions for the driver.