How do I see the status of a container or equipment?

Go to 'My waste' in the menu. Find the right waste stream and click on 'View details'. Then click on the top button with 'Quantity' to see the status of the materials.


Container and equipment statuses

The status 'Requested' indicates that the equipment has been requested, but has not yet been delivered to the location.


The status 'In service' indicates that the equipment has been delivered and is in use.


The status 'Problem' indicates that a problem has been reported with this container or material, and that we are working on a solution.

❗️ Please note: while one of your containers or materials has the status 'Problem', assignments can still be planned and executed.


💡 The status of a container or equipment is different than the status of an assignment or a waste stream.

✏️ If you want to change something about your container or material, please contact support.