What else can I do with my waste?

Are you planning a big clear out session, doing some renovation work or other odd jobs and you came across material that could possibly be reused or reused, and you want to know how? (Other than registering it as bulky waste.) Submit your question using this form so that we can think along with you to process it as circularly as possible.


What type of questions can you ask via the form?

Can this material get a second life?

  • Construction and demolition materials (for example: wood, insulation material, ceiling panels, window frames, floors)
  • Office furnishings and furniture (e.g. tables, chairs, decoration, floor coverings)
  • Electronics (e.g. laptops, tablets, printers, cartridges)
  • A warehouse/space full of a mix of materials
  • Any other type of waste that you couldn't find a solution for

Answers to questions about your waste pickups, a missed orders or scheduling an waste order can be found in the Helpcenter