How do I schedule a first order?

Go to "Contracts" and click on the "Request contract" button at the bottom right.

  • Choose the waste stream you want collected
  • Indicate whether you have your own or need equipment to collect the waste
  • Select the quantity and size of the equipment 
  • Choose how often you want your waste to be picked up. Here you can read more about when you can have your waste collected
  • Select an existing pickup point or create a new one
  • Follow the steps and check your order
  • Are you satisfied with your order? Click on "Complete" and you're done! 

Your first order has been scheduled. With notifications we will keep you informed when we will be with you.


Want to have another waste stream collected? You can always add extra contracts. Go back to "Contracts" in the menu. Click on "Request new contract" again and choose a new waste stream.

Would you like to have a scheduled waste stream collected more often or less often? Read here how to change the frequency.