How do I see the status of a contract?

Go to 'Contracts' in the menu. Find the correct contract and see the current status of a contract in the top right corner.


Contract statuses

The status 'New' indicates that the contract has not yet been presented to a service partner.


Status_In_review.png Status_Pending.png
The status 'In review' or 'Pending' indicates that the (change to the) contract has been received by us, but has not yet been passed on to a service partner. The future orders that were already planned also immediately get this status.
❗️ Please note: as long as a contract is In review or Pending and has not yet been approved, your future orders will not change. You also cannot report any other changes until a contract has been approved.


The status 'Approved' indicates that the contract has been confirmed and/or the most recent change has been accepted by the service partner.


💡 The status of a contract is different than the status of an order or a container or equipment.
✏️ Do you want to change your contract? Read here how to change a contract.