How do I see the status of an assignment?

To view the status of an assignment, go to the 'Calendar' in the menu. Under the 'Status' you can see the current status of an assignment. You can also click on 👁️ for more details about the status.


Assignment statuses

The status 'New' indicates that the order has not yet been sent to a service provider.


Status_In_review.png Status_Pending.png

The status 'In review' or 'Pending' indicates that we have received the (change to the) order, but have not yet been confirmed by the service provider. The future assignments that were already planned also immediately get this status.


The status 'Scheduled' indicates that a service provider has planned the order and has confirmed it to us.

The status 'Completed' indicates that the order has been executed. This status changes as soon as we have received feedback from the service provider or automatically 5 working days after the scheduled date.

The status 'Not completed' indicates that a problem has been reported with the order. The problem may have been reported by you or by the service provider. By clicking on the 👁️ icon you can find more information about the problem.

The 'Cancelled' status indicates that the order has been canceled and will not be executed.


💡 The status of an assignment is different than the status of a waste stream or a container or equipment.
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