How do I change a user's rights?

Did something change in the role of a colleague for your waste management? You can now easily change a user's rights:

Log in to the Seenons app:

  • Go to the ⚙️ icon on the top right and click on 'Organisation management'*
  • Go to the 'Users' tab
  • Then click on the pencil next to the users name to adjust the role ✏️ If a colleague is an Admin, you can check or uncheck the box at the bottom. You can also remove a colleague as a user of a specific location by clicking on the 'trash can' icon.

* You will only see the 'Organisation management' option if you are an organisation administrator. Don't see the button? Then ask the administrator of your Seenons account (e.g. your team lead or manager) to adjust the rights of a colleague, or to make you an Admin as well.