How do I change a user's rights?

Did something change in the role of a colleague for your waste management? You can now easily change a user's rights:

Log in to the Seenons app:

  • Go to the ⚙️ icon on the top right and click on 'User management'*
  • Search for your colleague and click on the name to view the user profile
  • Click on 'Edit role and access' to the users name to adjust the role ✏️
    You can also add or remove a colleague as a user of a specific location by clicking using the checkboxes.

* You will only see the 'User management' option if you are a location manager or organisation admin. Don't see the button? Then ask the administrator of your Seenons account (e.g. your team leader or manager) to add a user, or to make you an Admin as well.